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Will my carpet or upholstery stiffen from using Fiber ProTector products?

No. Using Fiber ProTector does not change the look or feel of carpeting. Occasionally, slight over-application of Fiber ProTector or accelerated drying (with fans or heat) may cause treated particles to stiffen. Simply, vacuum the affected areas and the carpet will feel normal again.

Is this product safe to use on wool?

The product is safe for use on wool rugs. Our Fiber ProTector products are tested and approved by the WoolSafe organisation and therefore safe to use on wool. Having your rugs or fabric protected means the dirt repellency and clean-ability are improved.

How often do I reapply?

With wear from dirt and traffic, the protection wears away with time. The more traffic and/or dirt, the faster it wears. After deep cleaning, Fiber ProTector Products will be intact. If you are not sure about the strength of the protection, poor a bit of water over the fabric and see if it rolls off. Keep in mind, Fiber ProTector products are very long lasting! To be sure, apply the product every once in a while and you won't experience any problems!

How long does it take to dry?

Under average room temperature conditions (21 degrees C, 50% Humidity), most objects should be dry in 1 hour. Always be sure to check before wearing the treated areas. Longer dry times could occur under the following conditions: colder temperatures, more humid conditions, or heavy applications. Providing for proper ventilation for the product will also provide a quicker dry time in most conditions.
You can use it on rugs, residential or commercial carpeting, and automobile carpeting and matting. Always check for colorfastness first by testing in an inconspicuous area.

On what kind of materials can I use Fiber ProTector Fabric ProTector?

This product works great on most fabrics! Whether natural fabrics like cotton & wool, synthetic fabrics like polyester & nylon, or delicate fabrics like silk; you can use Fiber ProTector Fabric protector for fabrics & upholstery. (It is always good to test in an inconspicuous spot for color bleeding.) We do not recommend using on plastics or vinyl. On upholstery, check furniture manufacturer's care and warranty information. Examples of usage include: sofa, chairs, auto upholstery, camper & rv's, clothing, silk ties & blouses, delicate fabrics, wool, quilts, throw pillows, table linens, place mats, window treatments, crafts, canvas shoes, & more!

Test Resaults

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Technical documentation submitted upon request

Professional Testing Laboratory # 1 i USA test mot de 2 mest solgte impregneringene i USA. Test av beskyttelsen mot vann, olje og smuss.

Veritas IMO statement for cruise og passasjerskip

SINTEF FAR 25.853 Branntest for flyindustrien

SINTEF IMO FTPC Part 2 Røyk avgass ved brann

Woolsafe Licence/Woolsafe Partner Licence

Norsk Institutt for Luftforskning og FITI testing Institute dokumentasjon på at produktene er frie for PFOS og PFOA

Teknologisk Institutt testdokumentasjon og anbefaling i forbindelse med inneklima og antistatisk virkning ved bruk av FP impregnering

Byggforsk TVOC test for avgasser

Exova Warringtonfire Class 1 godkjennelse for togindustrien BS 476 Part 7

FITI Testing Institute dokumentasjon på bakteriostatisk effekt (antibakteriell) log 3 reduksjon

SIFO Tester på olje vannavisende egenskaper, lysekthet og Martindale på ull og bomullstekstiler

Generally Fiber ProTector`s products approved for use in trains, planes, airliners, oil installations and passenger ships

NEWS! WoolSafe accreditation for Fiber ProTector

Fiber ProTector has received a WoolSafe certification for it's Fabric ProTector meaning not to harm nor to promote re-soiling of wool and woolblends.

The WoolSafe certification was nessecary for our partners in the US to continue working with our Fabric ProTector in the airline industry.

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