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Sectors & testimonials

Fiber ProTector Products are used and approved for following sectors:

• Hospitals
• Retirement homes
• Doctors practices

• Private jets
• Commercial airplanes

• Hotels
• Exclusive Restaurants

• Offices
• Auditoria
• Kantinas
• Public areas
• Presendential areas
• Conference halls

• Yachts
• Cruisevessels
• Oilplatforms
• Cargoships
• Ferries

• Cinemas
• Theathers
• Conference halls

Helping hotels attract…

Normal choice of use:
• Furniture
• Office – and Conference chairs
• Couches and chairs
• Curtains and draperies
• Bed linen and blankets
• Oriental style carpets
• Wall-to-wall carpets

Characteristic users:
• Hotels and restaurants
• Hospitals and institutions
• Shops and office environment
• Ships, vessels and oilrigs
• Planes, trains and buses
• Cinemas, theatres and concert venues

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Having a diverse customer base, you will find our services being offered to a variety of fields in many countries. Some of our customers range from hotels, cruise ships and restaurants to oilrig platforms, cinemas, airport and airlines. We’ve done them all! The kind of business you are in has no relevance when you are using textiles.

Regardless of which industry they belong to, no one likes stained furniture, carpets or flooring. Not only does it affect the ambiance of the specific area, it could also create de-motivation and sickness among staff and most importantly it could lead to a bad reputation for the image of you and your surroundings.

After almost 20 years in business, Fiber ProTector has earned a reputable name in the business community! Our ever-expanding customer portfolio would be our proof. Our customer database has been kept confidential, however, on request, we are willing to forward a list of Fiber ProTector users relevant to your industry.


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Hilton Hotels and Hotelier of the year Middle East 2011, Nuran Acar Housekeeper

«Fiber Protector Norge AS has provided upholstery and carpet anti stain protection treatment to our heavy traffic Restaurants and the VIP suites of our resorts, where we had issues to keep the areas cleaned & maintained. We have been 100% satisfied with the results where the treatments have proved a success in minimizing the regular cleaning regime and in preventing these areas becoming damaged due to spillages.
I can recommend the use of Fiber protector to any establishment that would like to keep their carpets and upholstered furniture in perfect condition at all times.»

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Hotel Continental Oslo, Randi Norheim Executive Housekeeper

«As a member of The Leading Hotels of The World we demand nothing but the best from our suppliers of services to our hotel.
We very are concerned about keeping the highest possible standards for our guests, this includes caring for our investments in bespoke carpets and furniture.
Fiber ProTector have since 2008 supplied us with their special services, with regards to protecting new carpets and upholstered furniture and a full maintenance system including interim cleaning.
We are very pleased with the professional way they supply their services and with their protection which has proven to keep the interior looking fresh and easily maintained for a long period of time.»

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Brandi Bradley Taylor, Supervisor, Interior Design, Dassault Falcon Jet

“We chose to make the Fiber ProTector our standard fabric protection treatment, as it offers superior protection over the chemicals we used in the past without changing the appearance, texture or integrity of the quality
materials we install in our Corporate Aircrafts”

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Paul W. V'Soske, CEO and founder, PWV Sudios, Ltd.

"Our custom hand built wool carpet is not complete until treated with Fiber ProTector. We want our distinctive carpet to retain its original appearance for as long as possible and there is no better shield from the rigors and abuse of an active aircraft cabin.
We encourage our aerospace customers to treat all of their textiles with this great product"

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Ivar Halstvedt, CEO, SF Kino AS

“SF Kino AS in Norway operates 6 movie theater centers. They are visited by 1.500.000 people yearly. A movie theater is highly disposed to wear and tear, dirt and dust and we have tried different types of treatment and contractors. After an extensive test held after our demands and expectations, SF Kino AS signed a long term maintenance contract with Fiber ProTector and we are very satisfied with the service they are providing and the saving we are seing.”

FTS Inc. Treatment facility in Little Rock, Arkansas

"Fiber ProTector of Norway is the most effective line of defense against stains, spills and soil."

Fiber ProTector Norge AS

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If you want to learn more about the Fiber ProTector treatment, have a demonstration on how it works or get a quotation for a job, please contact our sales department.

E-mail: sales@fiberprotector.com
Phone: +47 23231557
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Our customer service team consists of local as well as international operators who can help you with your questions or information requests. Monday to Friday 8.00h-16.00h CET

E-mail: services@fiberprotector.com
Telephone: +47 23 23 15 55
Fax: +47 23 23 15 50